Online Database: FIBIS website

Introducing the newly updated Families in British India Society website.

This website is a great resource for academics and genealogists alike. Resources include,

FREE searchable database of over 710,000 individual names

FREE access to the fibiwiki to find out more about the lives of Anglo-Indians (1600-1947)

FREE beginner and expert guides to researching family in India

Plus member-only content (including the FIBIS social network), and much more!

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2 Responses to Online Database: FIBIS website

  1. I am the author of “A Struggle to Walk with Dignity-The TRUE story of a Jamaican-born Canadian”ISBN: 978-0-9784982-0-7, and with help help of UK Genealogist Alan Greveson & Madeleine E. Mitchell in the US
    research was done on my white Jamaican grandfather Herbert Theodore Thomas. He served the the British
    Empire and Jamaica for 47 years, only to be forgotten by his country so for the benefit of UK history visit : to help preserve his history in the UK for the world to see.

  2. I forgot to say that when you visit you have to scroll down to Links to Jamaican Genealogy to find Inspector Herbert T. Thomas. With my thanks author Gerald A. Archambeau.

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