Announcements: 16 April 2012

Newly Released Archival Documents

Colonial Administration Records (FCO 141: Foreign and Commonwealth Office), The National Archives, Kew

The National Archives will begin releasing new colonial administration records (or the ‘migrated archives’ from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) this week, on 18 April 2012. This is the first in a planned series of releases to be completed November 2013.

Beginning this Wednesday, you will be able to access records from Aden, Anguilla, Bahamas, Basutoland, Bechuanaland, British Indian Ocean Territories, Brunei, Cyprus, Kenya, Malaya, Sarawak, and Seychelles. These will be available in the reading rooms at the National Archives, and a guide will be published on the archives website. The National Archives will also be offering free public talks on accessing the records.

See the news release here and read more about the Colonial Administration records here. The full timetable for release can be found here on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.

If you use the newly released records in FCO 141, let us know what you think!

Online Database

Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database

This database acts as an initial resource for genealogical research for those interested in individuals living in nineteenth-century Tasmania. Including approximately 500 000 entries, the database primarily uses information from records of births, deaths, and marriages.

Note: the database does not include the records themselves. You might also be interested in the Tasmanian Pioneers Index (searchable index on cd-rom, including all BMD registrations in Tasmania between 1838 and 1899) and other records held at these institutions. See the Colonial Tasmanian Family Links Database website (linked above) for information on locating and copying records of interest.

For more information on researching Tasmanian family history, see this very useful webpage.

Recent Publications

Susie Protschky, ‘Tea Cups, Cameras and Family Life: Picturing Domesticity in Elite European and Javanese Family Photographs from the Netherlands Indies, ca. 1900–42,’ History of Photography 36, 1 (2012), pp. 44-65.

See here for the abstract and full text.

Nora E. Jaffary, ‘Reconceiving Motherhood: Infanticide and Abortion in Colonial Mexico,’ Journal of Family History 37, 1 (January 2012), pp. 3-22.

See here for the abstract and full text.

Margaret Cook Andersen, ‘French Settlers, Familial Suffrage, and Citizenship in 1920s Tunisia,’Journal of Family History 37, 2 (April 2012), pp. 213-231.

 See here for the abstract and full text.

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