New Release! (Esme Cleall, Missionary Discourses of Difference)

I just want to do a quick announcement today: our very own Esme Cleall has a book hot off the press!

Entitled Missionary Discourses of Difference: Negotiating Otherness in the British Empire, 1840-1900, Esme’s book interrogates the ways in which missionaries (often anxiously) produced ideas about the people, cultures, and experiences that they encountered in southern Africa and India. Through thematic sections on family, sickness, and violence, Missionary Discourses of Difference offers new insight into, well, missionary discourses of difference, especially race, religion, gender, and culture. In the process, the book offers ‘a sustained interrogation of the interplay between self and other in missionary writing and probes the limits of inclusion beneath the missionary commitment to universalism.’

This is the newest in Palgrave MacMillan’s Cambridge Imperial and Post-Colonial Studies Series, and will certainly be of interest to researchers concerned with colonial families. The chapters in Part I (Families and Households: Difference and Domesticity) will be especially important for their exploration of the interplay between family, gender, sexuality, difference, and domesticity; I think that the chapter, ‘Remaking Homes: Ambiguous Encounters and Domestic Transgressions,’ particularly promises to unsettle assumptions about, and offer new perspectives on, missionary representations and experiences with family.

Congratulations, Esme, and happy reading, all!

More to follow this week on my adventures in colonial food.

– Laura Ishiguro

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