History SPOT and the IHR

Readers of this blog should definitely be interested in the Institute of Historical Research’s History SPOT (Seminar Podcasts and Online Training) webpage, which hosts a ‘a learning and training platform for historians, based around the core activities of the Institute of Historical Research (IHR).’ The History SPOT blog (maintained by the IHR’s Digital Projects Officer Matt Phillpott) brings news and updates on the IHR’s digital presence, as well as links to live streams of selected seminars (with the additional option of being able to comment and ask questions in real time during the questions session), and links to the IHR’s archived podcasts. The History SPOT homepage, meanwhile, hosts a large archive of freely available podcasts – extremely useful for those of us unable to attend the IHR in person. This archive is easily searchable, and can also be navigated through handy thematic metadata tags (on the left-hand colomn of the page) – check out the selection on ’empire’. More information on how to search the podcasts effectively can be found here.

Happy listening!

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