Book Reviews

Welcome to the book review page, where we will be posting regular reviews of books published on colonial family history.

If you are interested in reviewing a book for us, or having your book reviewed, please email the details to Emily Manktelow:


Deborah Cohen, Family Secrets: Living with shame from the Victorians to the present day (Penguin, 2013).

Leonore Davidoff, Thicker Than Water: Siblings and their relations, 1780-1920 (Oxford University Press, 2012).

Inez Hollander, Silenced Voices: uncovering a family’s colonial history in Indonesia (Ohio University Press, 2008).

Adam Kruper, Incest and influence: the private life of bourgeois England (Harvard University Press, 2010).

Andrew May, Welsh missionaries and British imperialism: the empire of clouds in north-east India (Manchester University Press, 2013).

Emma Robertson, Chocolate, women and empire: a social and cultural history (Manchester University Press, 2010).

Michael Roper, The Secret Battle: emotional survival in the Great War (Manchester University Press, 2009).

Andrea Stuart, Sugar in the blood: a family’s story of slavery and empire (Portobello, 2012).   

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